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NICE Network evaluates over 95% of our assignments over the phone reviewing details of the equipment loss with insureds and their vendors. If necessary, other local and national technical resources are utilized or onsite inspections by a NICE Network representative can be arranged. Our professional service includes:

Verifying the apparent cause of loss & scope of damage
_ to equipment.

Confirming details of the damaged equipment inventory
_ including specific manufacturers, model numbers,
_ pertinent configurations, and comparable new
_ replacement models.

Researching new & used market values of the damaged
_ & replacement equipment.

Evaluating repair costs and assessing repair &
_ replacement options for damaged equipment.

Assessing salvage potential including exchange options
_ & disposition of damaged equipment to maximize
_ salvage recovery.

NICE Network can assist in an appraisal resolution by
_ serving as as appraiser or umpire.

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